Nick Wright discusses the radical redesigning of learning. He works for Hyper Island, a learning specialist for a digital world and founded in Sweden that enables growth for individuals and business through transformative learning experiences.

Nick joins host John Heintz in a wide-ranging discussion of education today. They hit demand, disruption, operations and dreams for the future of learning. Nick provides a candid look inside one of the world’s fastest growing education platforms.

Nick Wright


Nick Wright is Managing Director of UK Hub of Hyper Island. Nick brings first-hand executive level management experience of leadership and organizational change, from public sector and commercial small-to-medium enterprises to large, complex group organizations. The organizations he has led have focused on translating innovation and design thinking into business value for individuals and strategic partners across a range of diverse industries, from global brands such as LVMH, Renault and TUI through to government organizations and local community groups.

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