The future is here! Third Culture Kids know about more than three cultures and are often adults. Ruben Marquina, psychotherapist and third culture kid himself joins John on this podcast about the paths, effect and significance for global education of the third culture kid.


Dr. Rubén Marquina is an experimental neurologist, psychotherapist, lecturer and Mexican Third Culture Kid entrepreneur. He holds a bachelor's degree in pre-med from Schreiner University, a medical degree from McGill University, a master's in Neuroscience from the University of Barcelona, and a doctorate in Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience from Charité University. He is the founder of Further Beyond Research & Network, a social research organization for the development of fraternal, professional, and educational programs on mental health, generational psychology, and personal advancement; but also on issues of cultural and diversity awareness. Dr. Marquina explores the functional organization of the human brain, while providing a neurobiological framework for understanding human behavior. He studies the expression of behavioral patterns, neuro-frequencies, and physical states based on various thoughts, beliefs and emotions. His educational approach applies interactions of accompaniment, preparation and rehabilitation protocols to create healthy lifestyles that strengthen personal productivity, motivational discipline, leadership and self-care. As a clinical professional, he has participated in international scientific forums and seminars for organizational and human development. 

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