The site started with three core goals:

1.     Provide candid information. Education is a $1.3 trillion industry. It represents almost 9% of GDP. K-12 education is not doing well. Higher education is doing even worse. Without blame, this blog seeks solutions. John Heintz, formerly of the American School of Paris, District 219, Lydian Inc. and Dutch, British, French, Spanish and United States education, law and management institutions started the blog seeking to clear a path forward to make learning and life better worldwide. 

2.     Link entrepreneurship, education, law, management, governance, technology and leadership into a single perspective on the future of education starting where we are today. The noise crisscrossing fiber optics is far too often uninformed, self-interested and short-sighted. There is a way to move forward with big plans. John Heintz and other members of the Second Rail team seek to bridge the expert gap and provide comprehensive solutions. 

3.     Improve education across geographic, demographic, philosophical, institutional, organizational, national and political boundaries. The path to progress in education is becoming increasingly clear. We need cross-sectional information to move forward more decisively.