What is attachment theory? Why has it become so important not only for parents of newborns but educators throughout primary, secondary and higher education? The inaugural Second Rail podcast dives into attachment, its neuroscience roots and its applicability to education, therapy and a greater understanding of humanness. 


The three publications discussed on the podcast:

  1. Attachment-Based Teaching: Creating a Tribal Classroom
  2. One theory all teachers with disruptive children should know about
  3. Attachment Theory: Why teachers shouldn’t get too excited about it


You know how some people know exactly what they want to do from early in their lives? Well, that wasn't Cara. Her career path was more a process of discovery than planning; somewhat like the way a bat uses echolocation to find its way through the night sky. Cara's diverse and sometimes questionable choices range from teaching college level English as a Second Language in rural China to studying psychotherapy in her hometown of Toronto. In between, she worked in arts administration, facilitation training, community development, and post-secondary education. She developed an online course on world hunger and co-wrote a textbook on global citizenship for a Toronto area college. During her psychotherapy program, Cara wrote a major research paper on the connections between child development and learning theories, with a focus on attachment-based learning.

In addition to living in China for 2 years, Cara spent a year living in France, 3 years in eastern Canada, and she supervised a 1-year youth exchange program between western Canada and Sri Lanka. Currently, Cara provides counseling and career coaching when she isn't listening to podcasts in her Toronto home. And, of course, she continues to use her sense of echolocation to guide her to the next landing spot.

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